About Shanon Marie

“The Body Detective” …

Shanon Marie calls herself a “Body Detective”.  That's because she uses Bodyworks and BodyMapping (two modalities that she has created) to collect the clues she needs to figure out why a client has: 

  • chronic pain 
  • postural mis-alignment issues  
  • limited range of motion
  • injury and surgical limit

Since all of the clues are hidden in the body, Shanon knows that she just has to be patient and astute enough to unravel the clues and solve each "body mystery" to assist her clients in their healing.  

According to Shanon, one of the unique attributes of a  good detective is an insatiable sense of curiosity. She embodies this trait. As a student of academia as well as life, Shanon knows that her 20 years of working with clients have been her most valuable source of learnings.  However, Shanon also has studied sports massage, oriental medical theory, acupressure, postural alignment, athletic training, energetic healing, nutrition, trauma release, flower essence training and plant remedies.

Relying on that substantial toolbox of knowledge and experience, Shanon zeros in to help her clients.Yet, every once in a while a client will come in and challenge Shanon to keep learning, exploring and refining her healing efforts.    

Shanon Marie lives and has her base office in Denver, Colorado as well as a satellite office in San Diego, California.

Living in Denver allows her to be close to the Rocky Mountains, where she loves to hike and be active. Shanon also makes an annual pilgrimage to her second home in Peru, where she explores the culture, hikes and studies with the medicine people of the Andes.