A Note from Shanon

One of the greatest lessons that Shanon Marie has learned from her time in the Andes is that “it takes a village to solve or resolve any problem in life." With that being said, many times clients need to embrace new activities to help strengthen and maintain a healthy body alignment. This is why Shanon strongly believes in having Wellness Partners. Oftentimes, these partners can assist her and her clients in rehabilitating and realigning postural alignment issues.     

Wellness Partners

Artistic Body Development

520 Cherokee St, Denver, CO 80204

Ph: (303) 825-5980 

At Artistic Body Development, we practice Pilates-based Myopatterning™. Our exercises incorporate resistance training, gentle aerobic activity, and stretching, developing major and minor muscle groups and placing an emphasis on proper body alignment. Myopatterning is effective for a variety of mobility, levels of fitness  or experience with Pilates.   

Myopatterning™ is adaptable to the student’s abilities and intent. In a typical class, you will find a broad range of students: serious athletes, individuals overcoming injuries, and people with an interest in maintaining or improving overall fitness. Myopatterning™ is a non-competitive, highly individualized workout that respects the uniqueness of each student’s body.

Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Bodyworks' teams up with Jefferson County Fairgrounds as a Wellness Partner. The vision is to offer our Bodyworks postural alignment modality to the employees, participants and other partners of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

  1. Bodymapping Postural Assessment
  2. Bodyworks Postural Alignment Massage  
  3. Bodyworks Pain Clinics
  4. Bodyworks Gentle Stretch Class for Wellness

We would love to offer massage at your  next event at the Jefferson County Fairground.

Call Shanon at 303-886-1901 or download our flyer for more information and/or to schedule.

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