Bodyworks System

Bodyworks System

How Shanon Marie uses the BodyMapping and Bodyworks systems together to solve the mysteries of the body.

BodyMapping… where the detective story begins.

A wise person once said that the human body is the repository of our history. To understand how and why the body holds onto a specific mis-alignment or pain, Shanon Marie uses a precise system called BodyMapping to uncover the secrets or clues that are locked her client’s body.

Once the clues are gathered, then Shanon creates a physical map of the information that she has gathered. After the map is constructed, she then educates and allows the client to ask questions about what she's uncovered in her findings.

The next step is for the client and Shanon to decide the best course of action to begin the re-alignment process using the Bodyworks.

The Plan of Action

The BodyMap is a unique and valuable document that illustrates how the various parts of the body fit and work together (or not). After reviewing the map, Shanon and her clients will use it to keep unraveling the mystery of why the body has been living in a state of mis-alignment.

Once equipped with a "toe-to-head" BodyMap, Shanon Marie  will explain what she has discovered and provide recommendations on how to proceed.

So what does all of this mean? Depending on what was discovered on the BodyMap, Shanon might recommend a workout or activity that would strengthen the body so it could hold itself in the proper alignment. (This is where our Wellness Partners come in handy. For more information, see our Wellness Partners on the website).

There are a other “fixes” as well such as "building" a better shoe or wearing a support or brace to re-educate the body of the correct alignment. Shanon believes the body aligns faster when working with organic “fixes” that are easily understandable by the body. Yet, there are times when a client needs to be tended by a Medical Professional. If this is the case Shanon will assist the client in this process.

Bodyworks… transformative postural alignment bodywork

Taking all of the clues she's collected from the BodyMapping session, and from client reports, the next piece of the process is for Shanon to schedule a Bodyworks session with the client. Using the BodyMap, she will begin to use her Bodyworks postural alignment modality to realign the affected ares in the client's body.

Due to the nature of each client’s life situation and the specific issue or issues that caused or attributes to his or her mis-alignment, the Bodyworks system is completely individualized.

Want more information or have questions on the Bodyworks system? For your convenience simply give Shanon a call or drop her a line using the information on the Contact page of the website.

Bodyworks Mission Statement:

Our mission is to keep clients pain free, playing hard and pursuing life to the fullest!

Bodyworks Client's Intake Questionairre

  1. How long have you had the injury or distortion?
  2. Is the distortion from a hereditary situation?
  3. Is the distortion caused by an accident, impact or injury?
  4. Has there been any additional trauma to the body or affected area?
  5. Have there been any other conditions ignited by this distortion?  Such as rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy or nerve problems? 
  6. What other treatment have you pursued to work with the distortion?

Past injuries or situations will not allow a person's body and thus his or her posture reset perfectly.  So, there needs to be a new most perfect alignment established, and that is the goal of the Bodyworks system. 

If you have sustained a life-changing injury or live with chronic pain, please contact Bodyworks using the information on our Contact page to schedule an appointment or consultation !

Shanon Looks forward to seeing you soon!