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Bodyworks System

The Bodyworks System

Is the unique postural alignment modality that uses a combination of BodyMapping and Bodyworks as well as the expertise of "The Body Detective".  Shanon Marie. 


BodyMapping is the process that Shanon created to asses how the body parts and joints relate to each other from the foot to the head. These relationships will identify why the client is experiencing pain or limited range of motion. 


Shanon Marie is the creator and only practitioner that specializes in the Bodyworks Massage.  Bodyworks is a modality that specializes in postural alignment treatments to assist  people in healing from sports injuries, surgery, body trauma and chronic pain. 

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Bodyworks Pain/Injury Clinics

Bodyworks pain/injury clinics focus on how a specific area of the body is effected postural misalignment and how a client can start to correct this alignment issue in their bodies. Great for athletes, people with joint replacements and chronic pain suffers. 

JeffCo Fair & Festival News

Bodyworks is a Massage provider for the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Extension Service and Animal Shelter staff. In addition to these groups Bodyworks will also be providing the massage services for many of the events that will be held at the fairground.

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