Corey Darnielle, Portland, Or, Scholastic/ Postural Alignment

 "After having back surgery at a young age I was convinced that, failing further surgeries, there was essentially nothing I could do to correct the form and health of my back. That was before meeting and doing Bodyworks with Shanon.  Already the  postural alignment work that she has done  has made a noticeable impact on the flexibility and shape of my back. Throughout the physical healing process I found myself relearning fundamental aspects of my life -- from correcting  my stride to addressing my own unique nutritional needs. Before my first session with Shanon, I thought I was about to receive the typical massage therapist experience. Instead, I began relearning and refining my body, literally, from my feet up. I recognize that healing is  a long-term investment and I have confidence that both the process and the outcome are well worth it.”

Dick Hinson, Denver, Co, Marathon Runner/Golfer

“I have been a Bodyworks regular client for over 20 years and during this time I’ve run 21 marathons and hundreds of shorter distance races.  In addition,  I have been a competitive golfer for more than  10 years now. 

Shanon has always known the treatment my body needs better that I do. Her Bodyworks system is targeted, and it has enabled me to maximize my performance, recover from competitions, and overcome injuries. I can say with complete confidence that the Bodyworks experience has not only enhanced my athletic career, it has  enhanced my quality of life.”

Becky Serratoni, Denver, Co, Extreme Athlete, Myopatterning instructor and Landscaper

"I found Shanon Marie when she had her practice in the same building where I teach Pilates. I was dealing with nagging pain in my lower back as a result of a snowboarding accident and a broken ankle. I had seen a number of professionals, including a chiropractor and physical therapist and I was still living and functioning in pain. Shanon's approach and intuition to my body and the dysfunction was amazing. From the first session with her I knew that she was going to be a life-long help to any future pain or injuries that I would encounter. As a competitive cyclist and all-around athlete I value her systematic approach to body work and healing. She has mended me after surgery, after crashing my bike and after everyday overuse or poor posture body alignment. Her approach is very therapeutic and intuitively designed to integrate her findings with your own body awareness. Bodyworks can help you re-program the alignments of your body so the you can optimize performance and wellness."

Scott Norris, Denver, Co, Rugby Player , IT Guy and Athlete

"Shanon Marie… I’ve been seeing Shanon for decades.  She is the most amazing and gifted of ‘healer’ I know.  She calls it massage but it really is healing.  I have played rugby for many years and have had a number of injuries. Shanon has always been able to get me back onto the pitch in record time.

She is great for sports-minded people who want/need to be repaired after doing the crazy stuff sports-minded people do. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better from anything life throws at you."

Michael Dailey, Denver, Co, Owner of Artistic Body Development

"I would like to offer my recommendation for Shanon Marie as a massage therapist. I have been going to Shanon for numerous years for both corrective massage and preventative massage. Her knowledge of the body, as to how it works, as well as her eye in seeing where the muscles and skeletal structure are out of line, make her a valuable source for maintaining a healthy body. Because of my background in classical dance and exercise, my appreciation for her expertise is very high."

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