While Shanon was studying with her Oriental Medicine mentor, he introduced her to the art of seeing g postural mis-alignment and how to correct these distortions to return the body to proper alignment. As Shanon began to perfect her abilities of working with postural alignments, she began to realize that there was not a bodywork modality to support the style of work that she was pursuing. So, she decides to create a style of massage/bodywork to support her alignment bodywork and that is when she decided to create Bodyworks. Bodyworks is the modality she created as well as the name of her business and her passion…how to help people make their bodies work and live an active vibrant life.

What makes Bodyworks different from other modalities?

Each Bodyworks session focuses on working a specific area of the body until there is a change in the pain angles or other imbalances. The goal is to work the body so that it can unwinds itself and releases the misalignments and begin to allow the body to embody proper alignment.

 Once the body begins to re-align, Shanon will work with the client in finding ways to assist them in strengthening their weakness in the body. For the mission of Bodyworks is to focuses on releasing, restoring and rebuilding the body of a client so that is can move optimally.

Shanon has had the privilege of working on many athletes and chronic- pain suffers using Bodyworks. Many times, clients feel results after the first session.