Pain/Injury Clinic #1

How to make your feet happy!

Why do we we start at the feet?  The feet are the foundations of the body and they are involved in many of the movements of the body. Also, they often are one of the biggest culprits in causing chronic pain or postural alignment issues.By correcting the feet, the client can regain their balance, which is crucial for any dancer, athlete or active person.

The goal of this pain/injury clinic is to educate people on how to re-align their feet, strengthen and regain the balance that the feet provide.

Topics to be discussed :

  1. Basic anatomy, alignment and motions of the foot
  2. How the foot should strike the ground
  3. The relationship between proper alignment, gait, balance and posture
  4. Bodymapping assessment and how the feet affect the rest of the body
  5. How to strengthen the feet
  6. Various foot injuries and how to rehabilitate these conditions  

Registration and Information:

Cost: $200.00 per person ( $50.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your space)

Please contact Bodyworks using the Contact page to get logistical information (time, date and location) as well as to register. Classes are limited to 8 participates.

Keep checking back to the website for other Bodyworks pain/injury clinics.